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Terms & Conditions


In using this website you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions.

BANK Landscaping Pty Ltd trading as Ground Up Garden Renovators will provide our customers with a written quotation, outlining a description and an approximation of the costs. A quotation is not considered a contract until acceptance is received by the customer in the form of a holding deposit and is acknowledged by Ground Up Garden Renovators. Any acceptance of a quotation is limited to these terms and conditions.

Ground Up Garden Renovators has the right to change pricing at any time prior to acceptance of the quotation for reasons such as supplier price increases or unforseen labour costs. Quotation is subject to correction in the case of administrative error. 

Ground Up Garden Renovators is not held responsible for unforeseen circumstances that may arise during or before construction that is not outlined in the quotation.

Ground Up Garden Renovators has the right to withdraw the offer made in the quotation at any time prior to its acceptance by the customer. The quotation offer is valid for 14 days and will be considered as invalid or withdrawn if these terms and conditions are not acceptable to the customer.

Customers must submit their drawings and/or plans (if required) to Ground Up Garden Renovators for quotation. When a quotation is estimated from plans/drawings, the quotation is subject to a final site inspection.

Ground Up Garden Renovators has the right to kindly decline an appointment for quotation if it is outside of our usual working vicinity. Our working vicinity is South East Suburbs Melbourne. In the event that Ground Up Garden Renovators is unable to attend a quotation, we may ask the customer to send plans, drawings or measurements to us via email, so that the job can be quoted subject to final site measure. Ground Up Garden Renovators has the right to vary its services at any time.


Ground Up Garden Renovators will carry out and complete landscaping works as outlined in the quotation/contract in a good and workman like manner. There is no obligation to carry out further works unless agreed to in writing by both parties.

The customer is responsible for obtaining any necessary planning permits and drawings that may be required by the council and/or any other parties. Unless otherwise stated, our quotations do not include planning permits, sketch or draftsperson drawings.

Ground Up Garden Renovators will give the customer an estimated commencement date once the acceptance is received from the customer. We will do our best to commence the customer’s job on the date indicated; although we do have the right to change the commencement date at anytime. Ground Up Garden Renovators will not be held liable for any direct or indirect delays which is beyond its reasonable control.

Materials delivered to site become the responsibility of the customer. Ground Up Garden Renovators accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or expense after delivery of materials to site for any reason.

Any material brought to, or removed from the site, excess to the Ground Up Garden Renovators requirements remains the possession of and removable by Ground Up Garden Renovators and its employees who shall have the right to enter the site for that purpose.

Once the works has been completed it is the customer’s responsibility to maintain and care for the scope of works as outlined in quotation/contract. Once the final payment has been made the customer acknowledges that they find the job complete and satisfactory in accordance with the contract.

Ground Up Garden Renovators has no responsibility, or liability for structural considerations, appearance of finish features, or overall management of works where an outside party has provided advice, drawings, or supervision, unless agreed in writing prior commencement of job. The agent is accountable to bring these terms of business to the attention of the customer.

Ground Up Garden Renovators will not be liable for damages caused by others to the scope of works as outlined in the quotation/contract.

Ground Up Garden Renovators pledges that plants, trees and turf supplied will be naturally healthy when planted. Responsibility cannot be accepted for the loss after the job has been completed, as any site conditions or damages after the completion of job, is out of Ground Up Garden Renovators control.


Acceptance of the quotation/contract is to be submitted in the form of a holding deposit, which is 10% of the job total including GST. This must be paid in order to book the customers job into the system.

Our customers have a 5 day cooling off period from when a holding deposit is paid to Ground Up Garden Renovators. After 5 days of receiving the holding deposit, this holding deposit will be non refundable in the event that you want to cancel. We believe this is considered fair and reasonable by Consumer Law in order to cover our expenses and loss of income. In the event of a cancellation, please allow up to 21 days for return of any outstanding funds.

The remaining balance will be paid in stages as outlined in the quotation/contract. Unless otherwise specified, final payment must be paid on the day of completion. In the event of default of payment when due, the customer shall pay the maximum interest as governed by the law, court costs and legal fees.

Payment can be made in the form of cash, direct deposit, credit card (Visa/MasterCard) or bank cheques. We do not accept personal cheques.

Payment by credit card will incur a 2.5% fee.

Ground Up Garden Renovators has the right to terminate working and or/materials in the event of unpaid balances stipulated in the quotation/contract.


The customer shall indemnify, defend and hold BANK Landscaping Pty Ltd trading as Ground Up Garden Renovators and its employees harmless from any and all liability, loss, damages or expenses (including legal fees) resulting from any alleged defect in the design or specification of products constructed by Ground Up Garden Renovators, according to the customers requests, plans, specifications, drawings or samples.


All content within our site including photographs and graphics including logos and text on this website are the property of Ground Up Garden Renovators. We do not give permission for these to be used by any other individual or company other than Ground Up Garden Renovators. If you would like to use our graphics or photographs, please contact us in writing to obtain our permission. Any unauthorised use of any materials on our website that violates copyright, trademark or any other relevant laws, could result in prosecution and/or legal action.

Ground Up Garden Renovators including its employees are not liable in any way for loss, damages, costs or expenses (direct or indirect) through the use of or in connection with any products, services or information supplied, offered to be supplied or advertised through, to the extent permitted by law.

You agree that Ground Up Garden Renovators is not responsible for unauthorised access to or modification of your transmission or data, any material or data sent or received or not sent or received, or any interchange entered into through

You shall rely on the information contained in this website at your own risk. We shall not be responsible for errors or omissions contained within this website.

All images and illustrations are to be used as a guide only and may represent other works that have not been provided by Ground Up Garden Renovators.

Ground Up Garden Renovators is permitted to withdraw or amend our products and services without notice. We have the right to restrict access to parts of our website at any time


When giving your contact details to Ground Up Garden Renovators we will add these details to our database. You may access personal information that we hold about you. We will not sell your information to anyone. We will only use your information to make contact with you about new products and offers. You may opt out of any future emails by emailing advising us of your request to be removed from our database. We do not keep credit card details on our system once your order has been finalised. If you wish to make additional purchases you will need to re-submit your credit card details.

We do not collect personal information about you if you are only browsing this website.

We are bound by the Information Privacy Principals of the Privacy Act 1988.


When Ground Up Garden Renovators has a promotion or offer, it is only valid as per the dates advised on advertising materials or when no longer displayed on the website. If you see a past promotion on another website or social media site, then please check the website to see if promotion or offer is still valid. Ground Up Garden Renovators decision on all matters pertaining to a promotion is final. 

August Promotion: Valid for customers who receive a quote between 1st August - 31st August 2016. Job must be booked in the month of August and a deposit paid.


Under no circumstances are Ground Up Garden Renovators to be defamed or slandered by a person in any way included but not limited to; the internet and/or social media. If a person is found defaming or slandering the Company or an individual of the Company, then legal proceedings will take place in accordance with the law. 

Ground Up Garden Renovators does not accept any responsibility for these terms and conditions are binding upon and for the benefit of both parties.

By employing Ground Up Garden Renovators you accept these terms.